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Name:Faye Valentine
A bounty hunter pretty much by chance, Faye Valentine is twenty-three years old with green eyes and dark purple-black hair. She's about 5'6" and has the kind of figure -- and wears the kinds of outfits -- that make men stare.

She's one of the best card players you've ever seen, and if she's cheating, well, that's all part of the skill of the game, right?

Delicate and refined though she is, she's always armed and she's a pretty good shot.

And sometimes Jet and Spike really do make her think teaming up with a woman would be the way to go.

Not FayeFaye

This is a character journal for [info]milliways_bar.

Faye Valentine is the intellectual property of the creators of Cowboy Bebop,
Bandai Visual Co. Ltd. and Sunrise Inc. in association with ZRO Limited Productions.

No infringement is intended. I'm just trying her little white boots on for size.

Men are such babies.

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